Terms and Conditions for Sellers

We, here at Marfells wish to provide the best of services to our customers as well as to our sellers. We care about our sellers as much as we care about our customers and wish for them to have a pleasant experience with us. Here are certain policies that we have designed that will assure us that you will have a no hassle free experience if you follow these policies. Once you start using our services as a seller, we assume that you are automatically agreeing to follow our terms and conditions.


Ads are very important for a seller to inform a vast majority of users about their products. We have certain ways in which we can help you out with advertising your products.



  1. Make sure you do not violate any of our terms and conditions.
  2. You must fill out all the policies that are mentioned.
  3. Provide accurate images and accurate descriptions about the products you are selling.
  4. Give realistic shipping dates.
  5. You must agree with our Refund Policy, General Terms & Conditions and PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy.
  6. To activate Instant Transfers Sellers must Verify their Identity. With Instant Transfers activated, sellers will be the primary recipient of payments and Marfells 3% success fees will be auto deducted from their accounts.
  7. With Instant Transfers activated Sellers will be fully responsible for processing the refund requests made by customers. Failure to do so may result in suspension of your account and may also result in us taking legal action against you. Refer Our Refund Policy for more info.
  8. In order to avoid issues regarding refunds, make sure you form a refund policy and add to your store page. This will make sure there is less hassle.


  1. Make sure you ship the order within 2 days.
  2. Ship the order to the correct address given by the buyer.
  3. Utilize the facilities of tracking numbers as proof that you have shipped the products.
  4. Use Marfells payment to receive payments for your order


There are certain items that Marfells will not allow sellers to sell on our platform. If we notice that attempts to sell these items have been made then we will expel your account without any prior notice, nor would we provide a reason.
These items come under certain broad categories

  1. Alcohol, tobacco, medical drugs, drugs
  2. Animal products, human remain
  3. Dangerous items, hazardous material, weapons
  4. Illegal items, any item that would promote illegal activity
  5. Pornography or mature contents