Identity Verification

Marfells requires verification of any seller who wants to activate Instant Transfers. In some cases we may ask you to verify your identity to uphold the Marfells Terms and Conditions.
Possible reasons of identity verification may include:

  • To assist you in resuming your account.
  • To activate Instant Transfers.
  • Know Your Customer program compliance under THE USA PATRIOT ACT.
  • Any other reason that Marfells team may find appropriate, including random checks to maintain the integrity and security of our marketplace.


Documents Required

You will need two documents to verify your identity. Do not crop, edit or alter documents quality in any way.

1). A valid Government issued photo identity

  • Your ID must include your Photo, Name, Address, Signature, Date of Birth and Expiry or Valid From date.
  • You can either upload this in PDF or JPG format. Your document must be high quality and information contained must be clearly visible. Expired or damaged ID’s are not accepted.
  • Accepted ID may include your Passport, Driving Licence, National ID card, Voter ID, Tax ID, Postal Id or any other valid Government issued photo ID.

2). Recent Billing Statement

  • It must have your full name and address.
  • The utility company name must be visible.
  • Your name on statement must match your name with your Marfells account name and in some cases it should also match your Paypal account name.
  • Billing statement issue date must be within Six months of the date you upload your documents on Marfells.
  • Accepted documents may include your Credit Card billing statement, Utility bills, Bank Statements or any other Billing statement that meets the above criteria.


Identity Verification Process

Marfells Identity verification team will manually verify all these documents. It usually takes two to four days for the verification to complete. Marfells team may ask you for some additional information or document to successfully verify your account. You will receive an email notification about the verification result.

Please contact Marfells Support Team, if you have any question or concern.