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Marfells Success Fees


Payment Processing Fees*

When customer completes the checkout you get funds right in your PayPal, there is very small Marfells success fee and a standard payment processing fee. *Refer PayPal's payment processing fees.

No Monthly Fees

No Listing Fees

Instant Transfers*

Sellers Protection

Instant Transfers*: You must have a valid PayPal account to get instant access to your funds.

An estimated earnings calculator

You earn 94.80* USD

*Small Currency Conversion fees may apply, if your local currency is different than customers' currency. Refer Paypal's currency conversion fees.

What You Get

  •   Get your business online in minutes, sell in one State, one Country or go Worldwide
  •   We promote your products worldwide, exposure to huge customer base
  •   No funds hold time, you get paid instantly
  •   No ads, no promotions on your personal store page

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this all work?

Once you create a sellers account on Marfells, you are presented with easy to go six steps. Just fill in your store's Info, add your first product and that's all. That's how easy it is to get started. For each new order, you get an email notification and funds are sent to your PayPal account instantly.

How do i get paid?

You must have a verified PayPal account, funds land right into your Paypal account. There's no hold to your funds. You have an option to accept Credit/Debit Cards and Apple Pay from customers right on checkout page, If customer uses Credit/Debit cards or Apple Pay, funds will show up in your Sellers dashboard. You can withdraw your funds to your Paypal account with just one click. There is no fees for withdrawing funds to your Paypal account but there's 14 days hold for payments processed with Credit/Debit cards and Apple Pay.

How can i start selling?

All you need is to create an account on Marfells and have a verified Paypal account to withdraw your funds. We have one of the world's best sellers interface to make things easy. But incase you ever need any help, our live chat support is always there with you to help.

Do i need to pay any fees or need Credit/Debit card?

You don't need to pay any fees and you don't need Credit/Debit card. There's a very small 2% success fees(Marfells fee). Success fees is auto deducted by our checkout system and you don't have to worry about the math or paying it later at the end of the month. There maybe a currency conversion fees, in case customer's local currency is different than your store's currency. Refer PayPal's payment currency conversion fees.